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Home Security: 15OCT 2PM-6PM ($75)

3.5-4.5 Hours: 2 Classroom / 1.5 Virtual Trainer / Optional 1 Range
Category: II

Home Security will help you develop a plan to keep you and your loved ones safe. We’ll cover security considerations (door locks, lighting, etc), firearm selection/usage, firearm storage and accessibility, child-friendly methods of security, and much more. This class takes place in the classroom and virtual trainer, but you can also rent a lane after hours with our instructors to get personalized training specific to your needs.

Required (if using the range option):
-Eye and Ear Protection
-Your home defense firearm (rentals available) and/or flashlight
-1 magazine (minimum)
-50 rounds (minimum)

Call us at (360) 720-2619 to register!