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Intermediate Handgun: 11-12 December 5PM-7PM Monday, 8AM-10AM Tuesday ($150)

4 Hours (2 Days): Day 1: 1 Classroom / 1 Virtual Trainer || Day 2: 2 Range
Category: II

Intermediate Pistol is a 4-hour course (over two days) designed to teach you how to reflexively employ your handgun. We will start by making sure you are well-versed in drawing from your holster and using both a two-handed and one-handed grip. You will be shooting and reloading on the move from varying distances with multiple targets. Malfunction clearing will be taught and used throughout the course. Confidence and skill sets will be built with basic fundamentals and balance of speed and precision development drills. Shooting from behind cover, kneeling, moving, and even shooting from a chair!

Required Materials:
-Eye and Ear Protection
-Handgun with holster
-3 Magazines (10 round capacity or greater)
-200 Rounds (minimum)
-Magazine carrier

Call us at (360) 720-2619 to register!