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**Home Defense: 25-26 May 5-7PM Friday, 7:30-9:30AM Saturday ($150)**

4 Hours (2 Days): Day 1: 1 Classroom / 1 Virtual Trainer || Day 2: 2 Range

Home Defense anchors on practical tactics that can be employed to defend you and your family in and around the home. You will learn about considerations for setting yourself up for success, practice shooting from unconventional positions, and learn how to negotiate everyday house-hold obstacles (tables, couches, etc) with a weapon. 

Meet Your Instructor: Philip Sellers is a current Range Safety Officer and Firearms instructor with over 20 years experience as a criminal investigator and military police trainer. During his military career, Philip taught several facets of self defense tactics, tactical team movement, and the use of deadly force.  As a recreational shooter for 25 years, Philip has contributed to the fundamental development of youth to elderly shooters with varying levels of experience.

Required Materials:
-Eye and Ear Protection
-Handgun with sturdy holster
-3 Magazines (10 round capacity or greater)
-200 Rounds (minimum)
-Magazine carrier

Call us at (360) 720-2619 to register!