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Concealed Carry: 10SEP 2PM-7PM ($150)

5 Hours: 1.5 Class / 1.5 Trainer / 2 Range
Category: II

Description: Concealed Carry offers techniques and tactics in methods of carry, situational awareness, weapon employment, and close quarter shooting. This 4-hour course (Classroom, VR Training, and Range) will also introduce shooting on the move, gun fighting from different concealed positions, and developing a warrior mindset.

Required Materials:
-Notetaking Gear
-Ear and Eye Protection
-Handgun with appropriate concealment holster
-100 Rounds (Minimum)
-Different jackets / shirts / sweatshirts / purses / bags for concealment


Earlier Event: September 5
Basic Pistol: 5SEP 5PM-9PM ($100)
Later Event: September 15
Basic Pistol: 15SEP 5PM-9PM ($100)