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Venn Method: 3SEP 8AM-10AM ($100)

2 Hours: .5 Classroom / 1.5 Range
Category: II

The Venn Method is for rifle or handgun shooters looking to develop their shooting performance with regards to Combative, Defensive, and Competitive shooting. You will be introduced to dynamic drills that isolate and develop shooting skills to properly employ handguns and/or rifles while optimizing speed and accuracy.

Required Materials:
-Notetaking Gear
-Ear and Eye Protection
-Handgun and/or Rifle with 2 magazines each
-Sling for rifle (Strongly Recommended)
-Sturdy holster and belt for handgun
-100 Rounds Rifle (Minimum)
-100 Rounds Pistol (Minimum)

Later Event: September 5
Basic Pistol: 5SEP 5PM-9PM ($100)