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**Concealed Carry with Low Light: 8 July 2-6PM ($175)**

4 Hours: 2 Classroom / 2 Range

The PNW is known for its early sunsets during the winter months, bringing darkness at an early hour. Concealed Carry with Low Light introduces considerations for addressing situations in the low light environment. Students will be introduced to handheld and/or weapon mounted light usage and single-handed shooting mechanics.

Prereq: Ability to safely handle and manipulate firearms. Basic Handgun course strongly recommended for newer shooters.Students will be pushed to their individual-based skill levels.

Required Materials:
-Ear and Eye Protection
-Handgun with appropriate concealment holster*
-2 Magazines (3+ Recommended)
-Handheld light (Everyday carry light recommended)
-Weapon Mounted Light (Optional)
-200 Rounds (Minimum)
-2 Glow Sticks
-Appropriate cover garment for concealment

*No Blackhawk Serpa Holsters

Call us at (360) 720-2619 to register!