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Pretty Tactical is an awesome class we have coming up.

Here is some info on what to expect from the instructors. 
Message us with any questions. 
To sign up, come into Pacific Indoor Tactical or give us a call!

Learn how to properly disassemble and maintain the firearm of your choice, which will extend its functionality and life expectancy. Your instructor, Chris, is a qualified gunsmith who received his gunsmith degree from the Colorado School of Trades along with many other certificates.

Practice how to stop major bleeding caused by trauma using direct pressure and pressure dressings. Proper use and application of chest seals and tourniquets will also be discussed and demonstrated. Your instructor, Bryce, is a current Paramedic and retired Senior Chief Hospital Corpsman with 37 years of experience teaching and providing emergency medical care.

Discuss practical tips to increase your situational awareness and identify potentially harmful situations. Then dive right into a worst-case scenario and hunt some zombies in our virtual trainer! Your instructor, Brandi, is a Range Safety Officer and Instructor with 4 years of experience in the firearms industry.

Develop your rifle skills by learning terminology, proper form, breathing, and trigger control. Your Instructor, Lauren, is an extremely talented competitive shooter, having placed 8th at the Regional level, and well into the top third at National and Junior Olympic matches.

Improve your pistol skills by working on sight alignment, breathing, stance, trigger pull, minimizing anticipation, and more. Your Instructor, Phil, is a Retired Military Law Enforcement Trainer and Criminal Investigator with over 25 years of shooting experience.