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Military, First Responders, & Law Enforcement discounts available!


Range Fees: Public use rates

5% off retail items on first day* 

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Grunt Package Benefits Plus...

Range Rates: FREE and Unlimited**

Discounts on training & other services

*($265 Annually or $150 Semi-Annually)


Patriot Package Benefits Plus...

Covers member's children under 18***

Includes member's spouse

*($350 Annually or $190 Semi-Annually)

Corporate Membership

1 Year, up to 5 People: $975
1 Year, Up to 10 People: $1,795
>10 add $100 per person

This is a public gun range that allows handguns, and rifles.

* Does not include firearms or items already on sale

** Standard memberships will include unlimited access to range (Subject to availability and limited to 2 hours during peak times),

***Includes up to 6 family members including the Primary Member, spouse, and Member's children under 18 years of age.

Monthly member-only discounts, 5% off Virtual range fees, and members-only class specials.
Memberships can be paid on a monthly basis. Members will receive a $10 discount for paying their full term up front.